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For nature lovers and bird-watching enthusiasts staying in Wroclaw, we have a proposal of an exciting nature trip to the Valley of the Barycz river. The refuge encompasses the part of the Barycz river valley in the Żmigrodzka Valley which is characterized by a diversity of habitats, of which the most valuable are large complexes of fish ponds formed in the area since the thirteenth century, and hence some of the oldest fish ponds are natural reservoirs with a wide strip of rushes and islands. There exist more than 270 species of birds, of which about 170 species are nesting.

These sites are able to gather up to 60,000 birds. This is an ideal and unique place for bird- watching, both for hobbyists and tourists- beginners. We can arrange a weekend trip or a few days’ stay if you want to observe nature.

The fish ponds of Milicz are a unique, a resting place for migrant waterfowls in Europe. In autumn staying here once there are up to 25,000 bean geese and white-fronted geese, 3000 shovelers, 2000 common mergansers, as well as many thousands flock of teals and mallards. Feeding and resting are numerous birds of Charadriiformes – sandpipers , dunlins, lapwings and golden plovers. The ponds are also a feeding ground of herons – white and gray herons and a concentration place of white tailed eagles. In recent years, we can observe here every year rare fleeting species of geese – a lesser white-fronted goose, a red-breasted goose, a barnacle goose, a pink-footed goose.

For the purposes of tourists at the Milicz Ponds there are many facilities prepared for bird- watching. These are the towers, lookouts and bird-watching places. This way allowed to reduce the problem of disturbing birds in their natural environment, while tourists were able to fully commune with wildlife.