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The Biebrza National Park is the largest national park in Poland. At the same time the world of flora and fauna is so unique that Biebrza has become an important point on the map of the world. Throughout the year, it attracts botanists, naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and ordinary tourists from around the world.

It is the biggest and one of the most natural complexes of mire (fen, poor fen and bog) in Poland. It is located in a flat, swampy Biebrza Valley, where the Biebrza River stands out, forming the picturesque oxbows.

Every visitor will be enchanted by the great space of the BiebrzaPark. Guides will show you around this unusual place, and thanks to them you will know the greatest tourist attractions of this place.

Within the borders of the Biebrza National Park there is one of the largest Polish reserves – Red Marsh Nature Reserve, which is an important refuge for elks and breeding site of many species of water-marsh birds and as well as the predatory ones. Biebrza Valley is a very important place of nesting, feeding and resting for wetland birds and for this reason it is a meeting place for ornithologist from around the world. At Europe’s largest swamp area there are over 230 species of birds. You can find here a real bird rarities, including very rare in the wild white-tailed eagles, eagle-owls, short-eared owl, corn crake, ruffs. In the exceptionally rich flora, there are numerous relics of the Ice Age, such as: low birch (Betulahumilis), downy willow, Carexloliacea, sedge, marsh saxifrage, as well as many other protected plants.

Directed by the guides you will know the most attractive routes to tourist. Visiting these routes is the opportunity to meet elks, roes and foxes. Numerous observation towers allow for exciting watching of wild animals. River valley is a home to many species of mammals: stoats, otters, badgers, raccoon dogs or wolves. The park is famous for the largest Polish population of elks and beavers.

Biebrza National Park has to offer over 600 km of hiking trails – hiking, biking, horse riding and canoeing. Due to its position, the Biebrza River is a popular place for canoeing, exploring and enjoying nature from a kayak or a raft is extremely attractive.

The real charm of the Biebrza National Park can be discovered only with professional guides, for whom their work is their passion. They will adapt tour programs to the needs and possibilities of tourists. Both experienced naturalists as well as amateurs and ordinary nature lovers. They will help in the selection and renting equipment, and they will provide a suitable transport. They will organize the whole trip and they will share their experience and handy hints. So that, you go back here again and highly recommend this place to your friends.