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The Karkonosze National Park is located in the Western Sudetes and covers the upper parts of the Karkonosze Mountains with the main peak Śnieżka. It has been designated by UNESCO a Bilateral Biosphere Reserve. The park has a rich and varied terrain – groups of fantastically shaped rocks, debris, stone run, glacial cirques and mountain lakes, numerous springs and streams. The most famous rocks, and the most often visited are:Pilegrzymy (the Pilgrims), TrzyŚwinki (Three Little Pigs), KońskieŁby (Horse Heads), KukułczeSkały (Cuckoo Rocks). MałyStaw and WielkiStaw (the Small and Big Ponds) as well asŚnieżneKotły (Snowy Pits) are very characteristic. The floristic aspect of Karkonosze National Park is characterized by its altitudinal zonation. Among the rare species of fauna there are: mouflon, alpine shrew, plovers.

Karkonosze National Park is one of the most visited park by tourists. It has a very good tourist infrastructure: mountain chalets, well-marked trails, the possibility of crossing the Czech border on tourist routes. In addition to hiking trails there are several biking ones, you can enjoy a downhill skiing, too. The largest tourist centres are: Karpacz and SzklarskaPoreba. Chairlifts to Kopa and Szrenica are open all year round.

While visiting this place you can find many unique natural attractions. You will know the world of glaciers, peek into the hot magma chamber, and you will be able to experience the tropical heat or feel like in the arctic tundra.

Karkonosze National Park can enchant with many combinations of hiking in the mountains, where you will find naturally beautiful landscapes, and qualified guides will help any traveller on choosing any route. It is thanks to a dense network of attractive pathways in the KarkonoszeNational Park, and an extensive system of forest roads and paths. Tourist routes in the mountains are accompanied by picturesque mountain shelters and recreational areas. The guides will also show the most attractive places in the park, well worth a visit, for example:SzklarkiWaterfall, Równia pod Śnieżką and Kocioł Łomniczki,ŚnieżneKotły, CzarnyKociołJagniątkowski, KociołŁomniczki and KotłyMałego I WielkiegoStawu.

Tours around the Karkonosze National Park are certainly a great attraction and a rest. Its charm and beauty is undeniable. There are a lot of places worth visiting, which simply must not be missed during the tour. Everyone will find something for oneself. Besides the mountain attractions, it worth visiting some of many places or objects in towns such as SzklarskaPoręba, Michałowice, Jagniątków, Karpacz and Kowary, and on the Czech sideHarachov, Vrhlab, SzpindlerovyMłyn.

Excellent terrain and weather conditions in the park make it a great, year-round tourist destination, for both active and leisure tourism, and the site of numerous hiking trails. The wide range of accommodation of various types of prices, ranging from youth hostels to luxury hotels, offering a developed gastronomic network makes the park an attractive place any time of the year for individual travellers and trips. Everyone will find something for oneself, at any time of the year. Taking advantage of the experience and the help of local guides you can effectively enjoy the magnificent scenery, spend time actively on numerous hiking trails or explore the local sights.