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National Park „Warta Mouth” is located at the western Polish border, in the Pradolina Toruń-Eberswalde, called the Gorzowska Basin. Flat, vast areas of the Park are located within the low fluvial terrace of the Warta river. The present landscape of the Park is a mosaic of meadows, pastures, mud sedges and reeds. The present plant communities existing here are typical for agriculturally developed valleys of large lowland rivers. The National Park ” Ujście Warty” is an uninhabited land. For many years, the wide valley of the Warta river has remained a swampy and inaccessible to human territory.

Backwaters and meadows of the National Park „Ujście Warty”- it is a significant place for the birds on the map of Europe – not only during the breeding season, but also in other periods: during moulting and migration.

The Park is called the bird kingdom. Protection of birds and the habitats they live in, is the basis for the operating of the Park. The Warta river backwaters are crucial to many species of birds

Natural, landscape and cultural heritage of the National Park „Ujście Warty” make it a great choice for a wide variety of forms. Tourist routes of this place are frequented especially by bird watchers and other nature lovers. Our qualified guides will show you the best of places for observations. It is worth to take advantage of their experience while planning trips to the park. The area also attracts amateurs of vast space, peace and tranquillity, and biking lanes and trails encourage hiking. In the park there are several hiking and biking trails, as well as two nature trails – „Bird’s trail” that leads through the most attractive areas of the former reserve Słońsk and „Nature Garden of the Senses”. The park is also available for amateur fishing in designated areas.

The park can be visited all year round, from dawn to dusk, only on the roads available for this purpose. Since there are restrictions on camping, filming and recording nature, so it is worth to agree our tour with a guide before heading out on a hiking trail.

„Ujście Warty” is a perfect place to practice ecotourism. Those who seek tranquillity and peace will find vast spaces, quiet and unspoiled nature that is sure to soothe the nerves and help to regain balance and energy. Bloodless hunt with a camera, a telescope or binoculars will leave an unforgettable impression of such an attractive tour.